431° Coffee Beans


Terra Alta / Minas Gerais, Brazil
Processing Method
Pulped Natural

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Now available in 250g bags! The 250g bags are now also available for in store pick up!

The 431 is our take on a slightly darker coffee aimed to be a beautiful drink that can be as versatile as it is delicious.  Brazil Terra Alta is one of the top farms in the entire country of Brazil.  From start to finish Paulo and his dedicated team work literally day and night during harvest to perfect their coffees through a string of quality steps that begin with variety separation and experimentation.

While staying at the farm we witnessed Paulo getting up in the late night hours to go check on the fermentation to see if the coffee was ready.  Paulo checks the coffee using a few techniques.  One of the most unusual things that he does is constantly dunk his hand in the pulp covered coffee to check for its fermentation and drying point.  By tasting the honey like pulp surrounding the coffee he is able to note if it is time to pull the coffee or just continue to rake it.  This has only been developed with years of doing it. 

Another technique that helps promote sweetness in the cup is the particular style in which the coffee is spread onto the raised beds. The coffee is left in larger mounds initially which allows a little more fermentation inside the warm center of these mounts.  This in addition to the fact that they are one of the only farms in the entire country using 100% raised African style beds, makes this a very unique coffee and hands down the best we have had from the country.

We roast this coffee in a very different way than our other offerings.  Since Brazil is high plains rather than steep slopes the coffees grow at lower elevation.  To preserve the bean we roast slower during the early stages of development to not damage the delicate sugars exposed on the outside of the bean, then faster towards the end of the roast to maintain the naturally occurring chlorogenic acids 

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