Modern American Coffee Beans


Huila, Palestina, Colombia
Processing Method

Tasting Notes

Canned Peach


16oz bag

Our current Modern American comes from Colombia. Colombia produces the most diverse range of coffees of all countries.  There are departments with signature flavor notes and subregions within those that have a pronounced cup style that results from processing or even the microclimate of that spot.  Some of our favorite coffees in Colombia are from this small region and after cupping loads of coffees, we narrowed it down to Palestinia as a target subregion for beginning to build this lot. Our plan is to continue to purchase from this particular region year in and year out.  This is our fourth year with this coffee.

This year El Quebradon is a bit more fruity than in years past.  The region of Palistina is known among coffee buyers for their unique hybrid processing method.  In this method the coffee cherries are harvested and depulped immediately.  The coffee and mucilage then sit in a tank with no water.  This 12 hour period without water adds to the sweetness and mouthfeel of the coffee.  

We visited the growers of this lot for the first time in middle of October of 2015 to catch the harvest and see a little piece of how the farms were functioning.  We have visited every harvest season since then. Caravela is the exporter of this coffee and spends tremendous efforts building the infrastructure of both the efficiency of production as well as the quality of harvest.  Caravela runs an extensive checklists and training programs to help their growers continue to graduate to the next level of quality, which means more money for them and better coffees for us. This is part of the 87+ program which builds high scoring lots based solely on quality in the cup. 


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