Modern American

Modern American

$ 17.00

Origin: Colombia

Regional State: Narino

Municipality: Consaca

Producer: Community lot

Elevation: 1800 meters

Varietal: Caturra, Colombia, and Castillo

Process: Wet

“Only the best coffees will make the best espressos”

This coffee is one of the great community lots to come out of Narino Colombia this year.  While we cup a lot of these, this coffee was quite stunning with great body for espresso but with enough acidity to make it exciting for us coffee industry type people.  This coffee is blended and worked with by our friend Tyler at Azahar coffee exporters based in Armenia, and brought into the country through the great people at Olam in Healdsburg, California.  

One of the things we always look for in our Modern American Espresso selections is a coffee that will be great in milk but also must be dynamic all on its own.  This means the coffee must be heavy enough on the palate to highlight the milk drink, but be bright and sweet as a single origin coffee.  We will never pull shots of a coffee on espresso that we don't think is good enough to be brewed black and taste just as great. This coffee meets every bit of that, and then some.  

Blended from the Consaca municipality with flavor in the cup being the standard and then screen separated to size 14+ which means 14/64 of an inch.  Look for this coffee to have bright tropical sweetness like a roasted pineapple with a deep chocolate finish.  We roast this coffee slightly longer and still dropped at a lower temperature which accentuates the sweetness.

We use a 1-2 ratio extracted in 27 seconds for this coffee

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