Modern American Coffee Beans


Cajamarca, Peru
1600 - 2000m
Processing Method
Fully Washed
Typica, Caturra, Bourbon

Tasting Notes

Dried Berries
Sweet Toffee


16oz Bag

This installment of our Modern American espresso is one of our favorites of the past couple years. The community lot with incredible traceability is blended together with the sole purpose of creating a great and balanced espresso. Due to the high quality of cup profile we are able to roast this coffee in a lighter way that highlights the sweetness and soft fruit character that would be lost in a darker roast.

Last year we traveled to Cusco Peru for cuppings and farm visits. Unfortunately, there were coca farmer riots that blocked roads and made it impossible to make the narrow mountain pass into the Quillebamba region through Colca in south central Peru. So this year instead of visiting the growers of this specific area we focused our efforts on cupping and contracting the highest scoring coffees available. When tasting this specific lot on the table in Peru we immediately knew we had to have it. It has everything we look for in a complex espresso. The sweetness and heavier mouthfeel of the coffee balance perfectly with the soft fruit like profile of this Cajamarca region. Enjoy

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