Modern American

Modern American

$ 17.00

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Sidamo

Elevation: 1600-1900 meters above sea level

Varietal:  Native Heirloom Varietals

Process: Fully Washed

Profile: Sweeter and more full bodied than our other filter roast Ethiopia offerings with more depth of caramel and molasses type flavors in the yielded espresso


Modern American espresso is one of our favorite projects we do.  Every year we travel around the globe searching for not only the perfect cup or perfect coffee, but the perfect and most balanced coffee to feature in this espresso.  This seasonal offering will always be changing to reflect the seasonality of coffee growing regions at their peak of harvest.  Unlike a Florida orange however, there are many steps that a coffee must go through before it can be used.  This series of steps includes harvest, processing, milling, bagging, exporting, importing and lastly roasting.  In an effort to ensure the integrity of this Modern American espresso we have to plan our calendar very carefully to always have freshly harvested coffees to feature in this flagship espresso.

Modern American is more than just a great coffee for espresso, it is our brand.   Our search for the world's most unique and quality coffees is reflected by this seasonal espresso.

This installment is a Washed Sidamo from Ethiopia.  Known for its rich stone fruit flavors and high peach like sweetness, Sidamo varies from its more popular neighbor Yirgacheffe that tend to be a bit more citrus and floral.  We really liked the sweetness and depth this coffee had as soon as we cupped it, but when we began pulling shots we got to see its full potential.  Due to the high elevation this coffee is grown at, it is very dense which allows more options in profile setting when it comes to both roasting as well as extracting this espresso.  We like this coffee because of its versatility in espresso, whether you are looking for a ristretto with denser sweetness, or a longer shot and extraction with acidity, this coffee has great potential.

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