Jarrett and Ryan brewing coffee and experimenting in the shop

Wholesale Partnership

We are passionate about producing the world’s best coffee and we will always be pushing the limits of what coffee can be. Since our inception in 2012 we have worked tirelessly to establish relationships with like minded growers. The seasonality of coffee and microclimates is reflected in our rotating menu as we seek to only serve the most freshly harvested coffee available. We are all about the details that must be perfect in order to achieve our vision to become the best roaster in the nation.

We roast small lots that are sourced and picked by hand, we cup and dial in every coffee we serve all in the effort to create the perfect coffee. We want to work with people who share our passion for incredible coffees and the mission to be better.

Our unique approach to education and coffee allows our wholesale partners to showcase the best coffees on earth while reflecting their own brand.

Please email us. We want to work with you!

Additional Info

What is the minimum Order?

There is a 10lb minimum order, and all wholesale orders are in 5lb increments.

How am I billed?

Upon order fulfillment, we will send you a digital invoice for your coffee.

Can I change up my order?

As a wholesale customer, we talk with you every week to confirm your needs for the upcoming week.

When do shipments go out?

MONDAYS are when shipments go out, or are made available for pickup. This is because we roast on Saturday and taste test / package on Sunday. We ship to FL overnight. Local deliveries are also available.

What is the minimum wholesale contract length?

We believe our coffee is the best, and therefore we don’t work on contracts.

Will you help me find equipment?

We’d love to! Not only will we recommend equipment; we have relationships with many high-end equipment manufacturers, and can purchase the equipment at below-retail prices.

Ready to get started?

Send an email to wholesale@lineageroasting.com to start a conversation about a custom wholesale plan that meets your needs.