lineup of coffee equipment: handgrinder, percolator, chemex, Kalita Wave, bonmac

Lineage Academy

Lineage Academy is a platform for us to share what we've learned in our ten years of experience and research. Our goal is to be the bridge between knowing nothing and learning everything about coffee. We believe craft coffee education should be easily accessible to everyone, not just those lucky enough to get a job in the industry. This is why we decided to write a series of books covering everything from farming, processing, and roasting, to milk steaming and dialing in a new coffee. In addition to the books, we offer classes that provide hands-on experience and real-time answers to your questions. We hope these books and classes spark your excitement and curiosity for all that coffee has to offer.

Man standing in a warehouse next to two coffee roasters.
Woman leaning forward to smell a cup of coffee set on a table.
Latte being handed to a customer from a drive through window.


Congrats to everyone who has completed all of our academy classes!


Eliot Crandall - Edward (Eddy) Simone - Dylan Rostin - Bethany Wingenfeld - Daniel Bears
Michael Rovito - William McAuliff - Nelson Reyes - Stephanie Peterkin - Aaron Pagel

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