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Lineage Academy

Lineage Academy is a platform for us to share what we've learned in our ten years of experience and research. Our goal is to be the bridge between knowing nothing and learning everything about coffee. We believe craft coffee education should be easily accessible to everyone, not just those lucky enough to get a job in the industry. Which is why we decided to write a series of books covering everything from farming, processing, and roasting, to milk steaming and dialing-in a new coffee. In addition to the books, we will be unveiling classes over the next year which will give you hands-on experience and real-time answers to your questions. We hope these books and classes spark your excitement and curiosity for all that coffee has to offer.

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Latte being handed to a customer from a drive through window.

Books & Classes

In January of 2023 we will begin offering coffee education classes! You may have already seen our first book on the shelves in our shops. We have written ten books total and are currently getting them ready to print! For every book, there will be a class on the same subject. The classes are your opportunity to walk through the more difficult materials in the books and have a guided hands-on experience with a coffee professional. The classes are not required for the books, but they are a great way to have your questions answered in real time. They’re also a great place to meet new people and grow your coffee community!

About the Books: We broke the ten-book series down into two sections; Series One will focus on everything from origin to the roastery, while Series Two will focus on the science and art of making a coffee drink as well as professional development. We have started with Series Two and will circle back to Series One towards the second half of 2023.


  1. PART I: Farmer Relationships and Sourcing
  2. Part II: Harvesting and Processing
  3. Part III: Exporting and Roasting

Series 2 - SKILLS LABS

  1. PART I: The Fundamentals of Coffee Brewing **
  2. Part II: Cupping and Your Palate
  3. Part III: Espresso Tasting and Technique
  4. Part IV: Milk Mechanics and Latte Art
  5. Part V: Barista Basics
  6. Part VI: Dialing in and Adapting
  7. Part VII: Coffee Origins Overview
  8. ** Note: this class is a pre-requisite to all Series 2 classes

Upon completing all classes, you will have the opportunity to take a two-part practical and written exam after which you may become a certified Lineage Barista.

Examinations and Certifications

  1. Lineage Academy Certified Barista
  2. Latte Art Certificate of Achievement

Brew Guides