Jarrett working through a line of pourovers in the shop


Lineage Coffee Roasting is a craft coffee roaster from Orlando, FL set on sharing our love of coffee with our community. We’re passionate about uncovering the nuances and complexities of each coffee we source, roast, and serve, and telling the stories behind them.

Lineage Timeline

  1. Jarrett and Justine decide to start a coffee business, and pick the name “Lineage“
  2. Bought first perforated drum roaster and retrofitted a grill to roast with an ice cream motor (the coffee was every bit as bad as you’d expect)
  3. Decided to buy our first real 3kg roaster with some help from family
  4. Destroyed lots of coffee while learning…
  5. Lineage’s Audubon Park Farmer’s Market debut
  6. Lots of travel and studying from other roasters …
  7. Ryan joined the Lineage Family
  8. Lineage’s Coffee Bar opened at East End Market
  9. Landed our first big wholesale customer and outgrew our 3kg roaster
  10. Studying, experimentation, and honing the craft …
  11. First sourcing trip to Colombia
  12. Began to open up direct trade relationships in Guatemala, Colombia, Kenya, and Brazil
  13. Built grower relationships throughout Africa and Central America …
  14. Began work to open our second location in Mills/50
  15. Opened our second location in Downtown Orlando!


East End Market

3201 Corrine Dr


Every Day
8a – 7p


1011 E. Colonial Dr


Every Day
7a – 7p


11556 University Blvd


Every Day
8a – 7p