Ethiopia Washed Anderacha Coffee Beans


Gera, Ethiopia
Processing Method

Tasting Notes

Soft Florals


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Our friends at Abana Estate, in Limu provide us some of our favorite Ethiopian coffees. This Washed Anderacha fits the bill. Below are some notes from the producers at Abana Estate:

The name Anderacha comes from a river that boarders our estate. This river get very large during the rainy season and is a source of life and nutrients for our community and eco-system.

After picking and hand sorting, we utilize a 24-36 hour cherry rest (fermentation)  which contributed to sweetness, complexity, a body with depth and incredible balance. We reduced the cherry rest time this year because it was much warmer and we didn’t want to over ferment or even flirt with that boundary so we reduced the time to play it safe especially since we weren’t able to go to the farm this past year.

After the cherry rest the coffees are floated, demucilated (takes off all pulp and mucilage), washed in the channels, and brought out to the temporary drying beds for 24 hours before being brought to the normal raised drying beds. These lots are agitated several times a day for even drying and hand sorted a few more times on the table while drying. After the coffee in parchment reaches 11-12% moisture they are brought to our conditioning warehouse to equalize all moisture prior to bagging for the mill.


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