431° Coffee Beans


1600 - 2200m
Processing Method
Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

Tasting Notes

Cooked Fruit


16oz Bag

As a coffee roasting company, our passion is to always highlight the flavors that are unique to each region, processing style, and variety and this is most commonly done with lighter trending roast styles. The 431 is the only coffee that we showcase with what a well done slightly darker roast should taste like. The components are rotating quarterly to continue our vision of seasonality in coffee.

This offering comes to us through our partners at cafe imports. They have started a program called their regional select that groups together high scoring coffees based on a similar cup profile. This coffee we selected for our 431 becauses of the heavier mouthfeel and pop of acidity that we felt could hold up to a slightly darker roast and not only continue to taste great, but could actually become better. We feel this coffee is a great example of a well done dark roast.


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