Milk Mechanics and Latte ArtMilk Mechanics and Latte Art

Milk Mechanics and Latte Art


Lineage Academy 

Series II, Part IV

Crowd-pleasing latte art is something every barista strives to produce. While a perfect Rosetta does not make the drink taste any better, it does enhance the experience for the consumer. It shows that there was care and attention put into making the beverage. It also means the milk is more likely to have been steamed properly, as beautiful latte art is easier to achieve with properly steamed milk. 

In this book, we will discuss what makes milk, milk! We will learn about the chemical makeup of milk and why it pairs so fantastically well with coffee. We will take a comparative look at various types of milk to understand why they all react so differently to the steaming process. We will also help you begin to refine your milk steaming techniques. This book will equip you with the knowledge of why we do what we do when preparing a milk-based beverage, as well as how to do it. It will prompt you to think critically about your techniques so that you can be your own teacher when there’s no one else around.

We know that reading and doing are two different things. If you would like some hands-on training in milk steaming and latte art, check out our class offerings by clicking the Eventbrite link under our “Learn” tab.