The Fundamentals of Coffee BrewingThe Fundamentals of Coffee Brewing

The Fundamentals of Coffee Brewing


Lineage Academy 

Series II, Part I


Coffee – it is so much more than a caffeinated beverage. It’s a connector, a conversation starter, a culture, and a community builder. We have all had a cup of coffee that we will always remember. On the flip-side, we have all had a cup or two that I’m sure we wish we could forget.

In this book, we will discuss what makes a great coffee great and a bad coffee just plain bad. We will learn about the variables and parameters that are essential to preparing great coffee. We will help you begin to develop your palate and tasting vocabulary, which will help you describe and diagnose flavor characteristics that indicate whether a brew is on or off the mark. This book will equip you with the fundamental skills to help you think critically about how you can tweak your recipes or techniques for the next brewing attempt.