Dialing in and AdaptingDialing in and Adapting

Dialing in and Adapting


Lineage Academy 

Series II, Part VI


This is the book so many of you have been waiting for! We hope we don’t disappoint. This book will take you beyond the basics of coffee brewing and into the complex world of dialing-in. Written with the knowledge of Lockhart’s six essential elements (discussed in The Fundamentals book), we will introduce a few new variables to consider during your dial-in process. If you’re new to coffee, our hope for this book is not to overwhelm you with information but to help you explore the many complex factors that go into dialing-in a coffee. Think of this book as a start to your journey rather than a one-stop shop. We will discuss how to set your brew recipe by deciding your dose, yield, and brew time; and teach you how to dial-in for both time and taste.