Rwanda Kanzu

Rwanda Kanzu

$ 19.00

Origin: RWANDA


Station: KANZU

Variety: BOURBON

Altitude: 1900 masl 

Processing Method: This coffee is Pulped with Disc-Depulpers then dry fermented for 24-30 hours with some mucilage still in tact. Second the coffee is scrubbed while going through ethiopia style washing channels which helps remove more mucilage before being sent to an additional soak for 16 hours.  Finally the coffee is dried on raised beds for approximately 18 days.

Nyamesheke is home to some of the highest grown coffee in all of Rwanda.  With the region being an almost exclusive plant of Bourbon it is no surprise that this high elevation in marriage with one of the oldest and most renowned varieties produce such stellar coffees.

Brought to us by our friends at Red Fox, the team works hand in hand with the managers at Kanzu washing station to separate the lots week by week in order to provide insight as to how the harvest date changes the resulting coffee.  Because traceability in Rwanda is nearly impossible we turn to the cup profile exclusively when looking to source our offerings from here, cupping these week by week harvests brought to the station by the surrounding family farmers.

We roast this coffee to highlight what we like best about it. This  clean light bodied lot 5 has flavors of orange peel and lime with fresh cream and amazing coffee blossom florals.

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