Peru Flavio Ccori Soncco

Peru Flavio Ccori Soncco

$ 18.50

Origin: Peru

Location: Puno, Sandia Valley

Producer: Inambari Cooperative

Grower: Flavio Ccori Soncco

Elevation: 1800 meters

Varietal: Caturra primarily with some Bourbon

Process: Wet Soak for 16-18 hours in concrete tanks and dried on raised beds


In October/ November of 2016 we had the privilege to travel to Puno, Peru with our good friends at Red Fox Coffee Merchants.  It was loads of travel with pretty primitive roads and rough conditions.  After flying into the nearest big city of Juliaca we drove 10 hours to the border of Bolivia, deep in the Andes mountains.  One of the highest elevations in all of Latin America, where the temperature drops to the point of snowfall on your way to 70 degree farms.  Pretty wild to see such intense climate and elevation change so fast.


We fell in love with the uniquely creamy but still complex coffees that Peru is beginning to produce largely due to the efforts of Red Fox.  

This producer named lot, Flavio Ccori Soncco was a high scoring microlot and out produced all other Peru lots we cupped for the year.  We are super proud to be able to present this sweet, dense, and unique Peru coffee to you.  Expect flavors of Hazelnut butter and butterscotch with the complexity of ripe fuji apple and red grape.  We hope you enjoy.

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