Guatemala, Lot 85 - San Isidro Coffee Beans


Guatemala, Lake Atitlan
Processing Method
Prolonged Fermentation - Washed

Tasting Notes

Fuji Apple
Soft Florals


250g bag or 5lb bag options available!

Prolonged fermentation Caturra  Lot 85 is fermented dry for 70 hours before any water is added to the tanks which results in a more fruit driven cup with heavier mouthfeel and slightly softer acidity.  Typical wet processing is with water added immediately after depulping 

This year we are proud to be working again with our  friend Javier Cabrera from the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala.  This relationship is what we believe to be the pinnacle of sustainability and traceability.  We have become dear friends over the years and our love for experimental coffee that will change the industry is the focus of most of our conversations and time together.  Some of the most innovative practices in the world are being done at this farm.  Things such as the worm farm that turns coffee pulp into compost, the radio weather meter that helps them make real time decisions in processing and harvest, and the foliage thats left around the roots to help supply protection and living nutrients to the tree.  These differences create coffees that are stunning and unique.

Below are some notes written by Javier about the farm

The farm is located in the western highlands of Guatemala, department of Sololá, right in the middle of the famous Atitlan region. Chacayá stands between Volcan San Pedro and Lake Atitlán (also referred to as the most beautiful lake in the world!). The farm has an area of 180 has, of which, 46 are planted with coffee and the rest is an outstanding natural reserve. Chacayá’s altitude goes between 1.555 bordering the lake to 2.100 m.a.s.l. in the mountain. Due to its topography, there are breathtaking views of the lake, the farm, the reserve and the three volcanoes that surround the plantation (Atitlán, San Pedro and Tolimán).

The farm’s production ranges around 800 – 1200 bags of 60 kg. The quality is our most valuable asset, positively influenced by the altitude, volcanic soils, different microclimates that can be found on the farm and the good agricultural practices. The proximity to the lake, volcanoes and mountains surrounding the farm are important factors that determine the microclimates. Our coffee is traditionally processed in the farm: handpicked, de-pulped, naturally fermented, washed and shade dried.

 We plant different varietals, but we are recognized as half of our farm is planted with Typica, which produces beautiful, long beans, with the famous “S” curved vein. Besides Typica, we also plant Caturra, Ethiopia, Geisha and Pacamara.

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