Guatemala Xejuyu

Guatemala Xejuyu

$ 18.50


Origin : Guatemala

Region: Chimaltenango- Central Guatemala

Farm: Xejuyu

Growers Name: Jorge Del Carmen

Variety: Bourbon

Altitude: 1750-1900 masl

Processing Method: Full Washed, Depulped and then 17 hour fermentation in tanks with mechanical washing through delvas. Raised Bed drying for 15-20 days.

Every year we try to visit Guatemala, and we honestly think this is one of the top coffees from the country. We purchased this coffee through red fox importers who has been buying the coffee from Jorge Del Carmen since he took over the farm in 2009.  Although the farm had been in Jorge’s family since three generations past, it had been left for years due to the volatility of the coffee market.  Since rejuvenating the farm in 2009 the coffees have consistently improved and scored higher and higher which is why we are very excited to become the first right of refusal on this coffee.   This right is what helps us to bridge the gap between producer and roaster.  We have plans to build a relationship with this coffee and farm that run deeper than just a quality level, but really planning to make this lot a consistent Lineage offering year after year.

This coffee is a true showcase of Guatemala at its best.  Scoring high on the cupping table due to a nice tight but balanced acidity, this coffee boasts of a clean mouthfeel that would reminisce of the best riesling wine.  In years past this coffee is up front with loads of acidity, but this year we feel especially strong that the sweetness all the way through the cup makes this such an incredible coffee.  

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