Guatemala, Pacamara Coffee Beans


Guatemala, Finca Tehuya Godoy Acatenango
Processing Method
14 Hour Washed

Tasting Notes

Red Wine


250g bag or 5lb bag options available!

We have been working with Javier and Miguel in Guatemala for a few years now. Each year they provide us with some bangers. Javier’s farm is located in Atitlan and Miguel’s farm is located in Acatenango. This year we’re privileged to obtain some of the best coffees coming out of Guatemala that we have ever had. Javier and Miguel are true pioneers in the way coffee is grown and processed.

This Pacamara coming from Miguel’s farm is a great representation of what Miguel has to offer. With intense red fruit flavors and sweet tomato this coffee shows to be a stunner. 

Miguel grows this coffee at 1800 masl on his farm in Finca Tehuya Godoy Acatenango. This farm was established by Ramon Godoy (Great Grand Father) in 1883. This Pacamara is grown among Inga grevillea and some eucalyptus trees providing a great amount of shade. The soil it is grown in is a volcanic soil known as Sandy Loan Soil. This type of soil provides the coffee plant with the right nutrients to give it it’s flavor profile we taste. 

After harvest, the coffee cherries go through a washing process. This includes some fermentation and then the beans are kept under running water for 12 hours. This helps to clean the beans thoroughly and provides transparency in the cup. After washing, the beans are then patio sun dried until 17% humidity and then transferred to raised drying beds to complete the drying process.

All the detail and work that goes into this coffee is the reason why the quality of this bean is so high. 

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