Guatemala, Honey Bourbon Coffee Beans


Santa Clara, Acatenango, Guatemala
Processing Method
8 Hour Fermentation in Bags, Washed
Honey Bourbon

Tasting Notes



Our Guatemalan coffees keep coming as this Honey Bourbon hits the shelves and our menu! This coffee is such a great complement to our previous Gesha and Java from the same farm. Miguel’s farm in Santa Clara, Acatenago, the former president of Anacafe (the Guatemala coffee association) grows a variety of shade covered, wild forest feeling plots of coffee. This year Miguel offered some new anaerobic style coffees that took a lot of attention to detail to produce. This Honey Bourbon coffee was hand picked at 20 degrees brix (a measure of the dissolved solids in a liquid). This technique was used to measure the dissolved sugars (sucrose) and is a good representation of the strength of the sugar compared to the mass of the coffee. This coffee was then fermented in bags for 8 hours prior to washing. After that it was fermented for 6 hours, then directly to raised African beds under shade to dry.

Going from fermentation directly to drying gives this coffee much more fruity sweetness. It has an almost candy-like sweetness that reminds us of starbursts. This coffee is a great representation of how you can manipulate the processing method to achieve unique characteristics in the flavor.

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