Guatemala, Gesha Coffee Beans


Guatemala, San Isidro Chacaya Estate
Processing Method
Double Prolonged Fermentation; Shade Dried

Tasting Notes

Black Tea


250g bag or 5lb bag options available!

Some coffees are just so unique and extraordinarily fruity that they almost explode in the cup. Gesha is not this way. I like to think Gesha is too sophisticated for that. It just whispers quality. And this quality, for the trained coffee taster, is what we search tirelessly for. 

This varietal originated in Ethiopia and was then taken from Forrest growth and transplanted in Central America beginning with Panama and spreading throughout. 

At Javier’s farm perched overlooking Lake Atitlan in Guatemala the perfect conditions of higher winds and elevation forming a Gesha producing environment unlike any other. Fallen foliage  from the shade trees provides an almost Forrest like ground cover to protect the roots and hold in the vital nutrients. 

This coffee is worth the wait and we hope you find it quietly AMAZING


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