Ethiopia Nano Chala

Ethiopia Nano Chala

$ 19.00

Origin: Ethiopia

Regional State: Jimma

Region: Gerra

Cooperative: Nano Challa

Producers: About 400 contributing small holders

Elevation: 1800-2200 Meters

Varietal: Heirloom

Process: 16-22 Hour Washed Fermentation and Dried on Raised Beds

Profile: Filter Roast


While in Ethiopia this year we had the privilege of cupping loads of freshly harvested coffees.  Among some of our favorites were the classic Yirg characteristics produced by one of our favorites Kochere, as well as the sweetness and stone fruit complexity out of Agaro, Jimma this year.  We cupped some of the top three washed coffees from Jimma this year including Nano Challa, Yukro, and Duromina.  All of these three cooperatives have only launched wet processing in the past decade but have quickly become advanced in their systems for fermentation providing clean and complex coffees consistently.  This year is one of the best.

The complexity produced by this top lot Nano Challa has been challenging to dial in, but is proving to be worth the work.  We roast this coffee with extensive heat throughout the process in order to highlight the acidity that makes this coffee so special.  The 2000 meter growing conditions of Nano Challa produce such density that this coffee can be pushed without easily scorching or damaging the coffee.  We have noticed that this fresh coffee is just now beginning to really open up into something amazing.  

When brewed properly, look for notes of jasmine, black tea, sweet peach, and milk chocolate finish.

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