Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Coffee Beans


Shakiso, Oromia, Ethiopia
Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm
Processing Method
Ethiopian Heirloom

Tasting Notes

Guava Jelly


250g Bag

Kayon is translated to mean “Goal” which shows the determination of Ismel Hassen and his family to produce the most perfect coffees since 2012. Single estate gems like this are quite rare from Ethiopia because of the small farm size of typical farms.

Every year we cup through the finest and freshest dry processed coffees from Ethiopia in an effort to find the absolute best. This year we are very proud to have a new name on our menu. This Kayon Mountain coffee is actually from a co owned family farm in Shakisso.

The thing that first attracted us to this coffee was its unbelievable fresh fruit character that reminded us a tropical fruits like pineapple and guava. Of course, due to the flavors produced from dry processing there is still the familiar berry flavors but the freshness and florality seen in this coffee is unparalleled for a dry processed coffee. We are quite obsessed with this freshly harvested dry processed microlot.

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