Ethiopia Gutiti

Ethiopia Gutiti

$ 19.00

Origin: Ethiopia

Region:Gedeo, Yirgacheffe

Cooperative: Banko Gutiti

Producers: About 500 Contributing Members

Elevation: 1800-2200 Meters

Varietal: Heirloom

Process: 16-22 Hour Washed Fermentation and Dried on Raised Beds

Profile: Filter Roast

While in Ethiopia this year we had the privilege of cupping loads of freshly harvested coffees.  Among some of our favorites were the classic Yirg characteristics produced by this cup as well as a few others out of the Limu region.  

We wanted to feature the unique cup profile that can be found within Ethiopia and how much it can vary from one region to another.  Yirgacheffe is becoming a high demand location for stellar coffees and for good reason, the high citric acidity and amazing florality that can be found in the region is unparalleled.  We purchased five bags of Limu coffee from Nano Chala to show off some of the intense peach and stone fruit flavors that can be found here, and to represent the Yirgacheffe region we decided on two incredible coffees from Gutiti and Kochere.  

This coffee is from the washing station Banko Gutiti which is nestled in the highlands of Gedeo within the Yirgacheffe region central to Ethiopia.  We roast this coffee aggressively and with lots of airflow to increase the transparency that can be found in this cup.  We recommend that because of the shortened roasting time and lighter roast that this coffee is degassed for no less than 3 days before drinking.

One of the things i enjoy most about this coffee is the pleasant meaty like aromas it produces when first ground that slowly fade into a complex and unique yirgacheffe coffee. Expect this coffee to drink with pleasant lemon lime character and finish with an almost jasmine tea like character.  We love this coffee on V60 with a brew time of approximately 3:50.

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