Guatemala, H1- Tehuya Estate Coffee Beans


Guatemala, Acatenango
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In 2019 we had the opportunity to again visit Guatemala.  We arrived into the Guatemala City airport and immediately drove about three hours west to a small town on one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lago Atitlan. Perched on the cliffs surrounding the lake is a small town called Panajachel where we stay while visiting San Isidro Chacaya farm.  After a few days we drove back east towards Acatenango where Tehuya Estate is. 

 The former president of Anacafe (the Guatemala coffee association) Miguel Medina grows a varietal focused, shade covered, wild forest feeling plot of coffee.  With unique shade trees and innovative employee practices we have found our second Guatemala coffee partner and are excited to be working closely with Miguel to form a strategic partnership in which Lineage will contract parcels of the land to be farmed exclusively for us.  We couldn't be happier with this very dense H1 varietal which is a first for us.

This varietal has a few very distinct characteristics.  It is quite large in bean size, with a very dense cup profile.  The variety is very new, only being developed in the last decade from a caturra and ethiopian variety.  While this variety is susceptible to coffee tree diseases and very hard to grow, the cup is worth the effort.  We really enjoy the thick and almost syrupy cup with beautiful and balanced acidity similar to an apple jelly with notes of raspberry.

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