Ethiopia Kochere

Ethiopia Kochere

$ 19.00

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Gedeo Zone

Farm: Kochere

Variety: Heirloom

Altitude: 2000-2200 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing Method: This coffee is pulped same day as harvest and fermented up to 48 hours before scrubbing the mucilage off and drying on raised beds for not less than eight days

Ethiopia is a unique country and is home to the first coffee trees in existence.  The somewhat undeveloped heirloom varietals are known to produce intense citrus and floral character not seen anywhere else.  These heirloom varietals thrive at elevations up to 2,400 meters above sea level and the oxygen starvation produces dense small beans loaded with flavor.

Ethiopia utilizes central mills to process fresh cherries and it seems synonymous that quality of coffee is determined by good management practices at the washing stations. Fresh Cherry arrives daily and is immediately put through disc pulpers and pumped into large concrete washing tanks.  The cleanliness of these tanks will ultimately determine the cleanliness of the coffee.  The depulped mucilage coffee is put into these tanks with water for up to 48 hours where fermentation of the sugars begins to break down the pectin of the fruit.  Following the 48 hour soak, the drain at the bottom of these tanks is released, allowing the water and cherry to flow into large washing channels where it can be scrubbed clean, removing all sticky mucilage.

The last step of the processing is to dry the coffee on raised beds for a minimum of 8 days before being sent to the dry mill to remove parchment and separate according to size and quality of the coffee.  In ethiopia the top quality is simply deemed Grade 1.

Kochere is both the name of the of the district, as well as the particular mill where this coffee comes from.  This coffee immediately struck me as wildly different simply because of the size beans.  When we receive a sample of coffee, the first step is to measure the moisture, volatility through water activity and lastly the density of beans by just taking a 5 gram sample and seeing how many beans it takes to equal these five grams.  This helps to give an indication to how long the development of the coffee should need to be in order to fully develop sugars and yet allow balance of pleasant acids in the cup.  

Lighter mouthfeel with tight citric acidity and aromatic florals make this Kochere a coffee we are proud to offer.

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