Colombia, Gabriel Castaño Buendía Coffee Beans


La Granada, Huila, Colombia
Processing Method
Washed, 80 Hour Fermentation
Pink Bourbon

Tasting Notes

Grape Soda


La Granada farm located in Huila is home to coffee producer icon Gabriel Castaño. He is known for being the original to plant and harvest Pink Bourbon. This variety is a natural mutation of the well known variety Bourbon. Gabriel’s team hand picks all of the coffee cherries, only picking the ripe ones. This is a very tedious process, but well worth the result we taste in the flavor profile. After harvest, this coffee goes through a long fermentation process that lasts about 80 hours. After fermentation is complete it is then dried for 15 days. Pink Bourbon is already notorious for its exciting and complex flavors. This extended fermentation process is the reason why we taste these wild blueberry and grape soda notes. This coffee is truly a stunner!

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