Sumatra Armiyadi Coffee Beans


Aceh, Sumatra
1600 - 1800m
Processing Method
Wet Hulled

Tasting Notes

Soft Fruit


250g Bag

Indonesia is such a unique place with unbelievable diversity in the cup and in even processing methods.  Sumatra is only one of the 17,000 islands that make up this nation, but produces the largest amount of Arabica by far.

Sumatra is famous for its Wet Hulling processing style which is where individual farmers mill their own coffee in their backyard and then sell high moisture beans (30-50% moisture) to a local collector.  The collector or cooperative will then immediately hull the coffee removing the entire mucilage and parchment to dry the beans unprotected.  In other countries the parchment is left on until ready for export.  Because Sumatra is so moist with heavy rains and humidity they have found that removing the parchment helps to get evenly dried coffee. This step is what creates the wildly fruity and spicy flavors we have come to know and sometimes love about Sumatra. This wet hulling makes it very hard to produce high quality, which is why this Armiyadi lot was triple sorted at the dry mill to help remove any defects and leave behind only the highest quality beans.

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