Guatemala, Caturra No. 4 Coffee Beans


Guatemala, Lake Atitlan
Processing Method
Prolonged Fermentation - Washed

Tasting Notes

Sweet Citrus


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Caturra No. 4 is our second coffee of the year coming from Javier’s farm around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Much like the Gesha we previously had the pleasure of serving on our menu, this coffee is grown under the same conditions. This environment has an almost forest- like ground cover from the foliage falling off of the shade trees. This cover protects the roots and holds in the vital nutrients. 

Although growing conditions are nearly identical, this coffee is much different from Gesha because it is a different variety. This Caturra provides fresh sweet citrus flavors with a chocolate finish. The double prolonged fermentation of the washed process contributes to its sweetness and heavier mouthfeel. 

Truly a solid coffee that we think everyone will enjoy no matter what your coffee preferences are.


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