Ethiopia YirgZ Coffee Beans


Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Processing Method

Tasting Notes

Sweet Citrus


250g bags are now available for in store pick up!

Our friends over at Keffa Coffee Importers sent us this stunning coffee. Coming from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, this coffee has all the characteristics of being a clean, complex and transparent coffee. The complexity of this coffee comes from the growing conditions which attributes to the density of the green beans. Denser coffees like this tend to have a deeper flavor profile. YirgZ is grown at an elevation of 2000-2200 meters above sea level and in a subtropical climate. It is washed and processed at Awoli Musa Salatu processing station.

The name YirgZ was given by Keffa. The “Z” stands for zero defects which is a high honor to give and is a testament to the quality of the work put into this coffee. Having no defects is why this coffee is so clean and complex. We get a lot of lemon grass and a complex citrus flavor out of this coffee. 

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