Kenya, Igutha AB Coffee Beans


Nyeri, Kenya
Processing Method
Extended Kenya Double Washed
1930s SL Base Selection

Tasting Notes

Blood Orange
Pink Lemonade


Some of our favorite coffees come from Kenya, so every year we look forward to cupping a ton of samples. We, unfortunately, were unable to travel to Kenya this year to cup hundreds of Kenyan coffees provided by Dormans. But our friends over at Dormans were gracious enough to send us some of the top lots of the year to choose from. This Igutha AB was one of the three coffees that stood out the most to use for obvious reasons. This coffee offers super juicy blood orange and pink lemonade sweetness.

This coffee is processed with the classic extended double wash which is a common practice in Kenya. The “AB” in the name refers to the sorting of the beans. “AA” is the largest sized bean followed by the more medium size “AB” and finally the smaller size is referred to as “PB” or peaberry. This is truly a special coffee that deserves all the recognition for all the work put into it. From the farming to the processing and from the roasting to the brewing. We hope you enjoy this coffee!

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