Ethiopia Tabu Burka Coffee Beans


West Guji, Ethiopia
Processing Method

Tasting Notes

citrus peel


250g bag or 5lb bag options available!

This is our first year working with this coffee! This particular lot was purchased based solely off quality focused blind cupping. We loved the candied citrus and tropical pineapple like flavors we tasted. We did have a super hard time getting this coffee out of the country and into our roastery because of delays caused by the pandemic so we plan to work together more in the future to really see more of the potential of this incredible mill.

Tabu Burka is a small Kebele ( Community ) located in the East part of Guji. In the south of Ethiopia.

Mr Tadesse comes from a big family that are all into coffee. Well known as the Edema family in Guji. Tadesse is a third generation coffee grower in Guji.

In 2006 when Tadesse established his washing station in Tabu burka community he was one of the first at that time there was not much competition. This gives him a great chance to establish good relationships with the farmers in the community .

Tadesse believes in Tabu Burka as an area for future quality coffee. The micro climate has a very good rain path, A lot of young trees together with the soil and high altitude.

Things Tadesse will do in the coming harvest to further improve the quality. Cherrie selection. Cherrie floating (water density)


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