Colombia, Carlos Tunubala Coffee Beans


Colombia, Cauca
Processing Method

Tasting Notes

Tropical Pineapple


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The farm to which this coffee is from is home to the Tunubala family. Carlos Enrique is a second generation coffee farmer who learned most of what he knows from his father’s extensive experience of over 30 years. The Tunubala family are some of the few coffee farmers in the area that can provide full traceability and with that provide higher quality coffee. Most other farmers in the area have historically sold their coffee to intermediaries, who blend and sell it without traceability or premiums. 

Carlos Tunubala is grown under Cachimbo, Guamo, and Nogal trees which provide excellent shade covering to protect the plants from the harsh sun. This Bourbon varietal is traditionally fully washed in a micro mill. After processing it is sun dried on parabolic covered patios. Attention to detail with the processing and drying are big contributors to this coffee's quality and flavor. Not to mention the growing conditions. We experience fresh pineapple and soft melon flavors in this coffee.

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