Colombia Linarco Rodriguez Coffee Beans


Colombia, Huila, Palestina
Processing Method
24 hour dry before adding water for wet fermentation of 12 hours
Pink Bourbon

Tasting Notes

White Flowers


250g bag or 5lb bag options available!

This coffee is a very big deal to us. One of the best producers in the world, one of the best varieties, and absolutely perfect terroir make this coffee in a class all its own. Its not cheap, but for very good reason. If your a coffee nerd, you really wont want to miss out on this Lot.

Every year we visit Colombia, typically a couple times. Huila Colombia is home to some of the most prized coffees on earth and for very good reason. Not only is the coffee education of the farmers incredibly high, but the terroir is perfectly suited to produce high quality coffees with dense flavors in the cup.

Four years ago we tasted Linarco Rodriguez’s coffee for the first time and immediately fell in love with the dense tropical flavors. Thanks to the purchasing and transparency programs in place by Caravela, our partner in country, we have been able to secure this direct relationship coffee where our offer to the producer is based on our score of the coffee.

Palestina is a region located in southern Huila. In this region Linarco tends to both he and his mothers farms. This coffee has an extended dry rest on the coffee beans after depulping. This time in large tanks without water adds sweetness and some flavors of the coffee cherry into the finished cup. Then 12 hours of soaking in water polishes the coffee and adds loads of complexity and pleasant acidity.

To top it all off, PinkBourbon is one of the most sought after coffee varieties on earth. More delicate and floral characteristics make this variety a bit more difficult to roast but when done right it creates something magical

Flavor Notes: This is the Late Harvest Pink Bourbon which we have cupped to be much more floral and even more tropical than the earlier harvest. This is a team top pick for this year!

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